Office, Warehouse & Factory Plumbing

As an employer you know how important it is to provide a safe, clean and WH&S compliant workplace. A blocked sink, overflowing toilet, no hot water or internal flooding in the kitchen or bathroom can all impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

As commercial plumbing specialists we can not only address any plumbing problem you may be experiencing but also advise you on the best ways to prevent the problem from reoccurring.
We are also available to perform all kinds of commercial plumbing upgrades and renovations. Considering a new bathroom, kitchen or kitchenette for your business premises? Talk to us. We are the preferred plumbing company for commercial plumbing upgrades in the Melbourne area.

In addition, we are experienced in providing temporary commercial plumbing services including shower stalls, handwashing stations, bathrooms and break rooms.

Have an emergency?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work out a diagnosis and solution to match your needs.

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