Blocked Drains Eastern Suburbs

What to do if you have a blocked, cracked or overflowing drains?


Blocked drains. We see them a lot in the Eastern Suburbs and they are an issue that our team of skilled plumbers deal with constantly.

It’s certainly not a fun job. Blocked drains – whatever they are blocked up with – are never pleasant to clear, but if someone doesn’t, then slight nastiness can become full blown horror and little issues can become large and very expensive ones. So, someone must unblock drains. And in the Eastern Suburbs, more often than not that someone is a Yarra District Plumbing employee (and they even manage to do it with a smile on their face.)

To help us get drains unclogged and unblocked as quickly and efficiently as possible we make use of all kinds of cool plumbing tech – yes, that’s a thing – including CCTV drain inspection cameras, high pressure water jets and even electric eels (the plumbing kind, not the real thing) and more.

When you combine this tech with the skill of our plumbers, especially our emergency crew, and you can be assured that your blocked drain will be dealt with as fast, and as professionally as possible, and that we’ll respect your budget while we do so. Our pricing is tailored to the size of the job and the work involved, instead of being a single, often overpriced flat rate calculated to cover problems very different to yours.

Signs of blocked drains that should never be ignored include:

Slow drainage in your sink, toilet or drains

Rising water levels when toilets are flushed

No drainage from the same things

Bad smells that seem to emanate from your drains.

Odd gurgling or high-pitched whistling sounds from toilets, plug holes or drains themselves.




If you notice any of things give Yarra District Plumbing a call right away. Your wallet – and your home will thank you.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Why do drains get blocked up? There are lots of reasons. Some of the most common causes of blocked drains in Eastern Suburbs include all the following:

Tree roots obstructing pipes. In the older areas of Eastern Suburbs this is very common and, when left unaddressed these pesky creeping roots can cause a pipe to collapse completely. If that happens the situation can quickly become a health hazard, and so must be dealt with immediately

Leaves blocking outdoor drains

Maintaining storm water

Food waste. In kitchen sinks, a build-up of cooking greases, or food scraps can easily lead to a blocked drain, although the process might be slow

Hair. Hair build up in bathroom sinks, baths and showers can block drains more easily than you think.

How Do I Unblock My Drain?

Trying to unblock a drain by yourself rarely has a good outcome. Mess factor aside – and blocked drains can be very messy – far too often DIY drain unblocking attempts end up causing more damage, which is the last thing anyone needs.

At Yarra District Plumbing we are experts at blocking any type of drain, from the one in your kitchen sink to large commercial drains. As we offer a 24/7 emergency service, we can swing into action fast and get your drain – or drains – unblocked and running free again quickly and at a very reasonable price.

When they arrive at the ‘scene’ our plumbing team – all of whom can be considered blocked drain experts – will locate the blockage, diagnose the cause and then get to work fixing the problem. In many cases the problem can be solved then and there, but if piping needs to be replaced, we waste no time in undertaking more extensive work as well.

You’ll always be given a price quote before we begin more extensive work however, as we know no one likes surprises, especially when they’re of a financial nature!

Blocked Drain Equipment We Use

When our team arrives to begin unblocking your drain, they’ll bring with them – or have fast access to – a variety of cutting-edge tools and plumbing tech to get the job done, including all the following:

CCTV Cameras

Did you know that besides keeping your property safer, or helping you watch over your home when you are gone CCTV camera technology can be used to precisely locate the cause of blocked drains. Well, they can, and we make use of them often.

CCTV cameras allow us to find out just where – and why – a drain is blocked fast. This saves time – and in many cases a lot of digging! And as you might guess, anything that saves time saves you money, so CCTV drain cameras are great for everyone involved.

High Pressure Water Jetter

One of the best ways to unblock a drain fast is to make use of a high-pressure water jetter. This handy piece of tech sends a jet of high-pressured water right down the blocked pipe to help move whatever is blocking your drain out. These are powerful machines, as the pressure can be set high enough that even those pesky tree roots don’t stand a chance against its drain unblocking power.

Electric Eel

It’s a strange name, but there’s nothing odd about this plumbing tool’s power. In the plumbing world and electric eel is a device made up of a series of very flexible cables and rotating cutting tools that allow it to power its way through grease, leaf and soil debris, tree roots and more, making it our do to ‘secret weapon’ to unblock outdoor drains and sewers. Hydro plunger
Making use of a hydro-plunger is a very fast – and cost effective – way to unblock all kinds of drains – and is particularly useful when we are working with toilets and household sinks.

Have an emergency?

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