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What to do if you have a gas leak?


If you suspect there’s a gas leak at your home or office there’s no time to waste. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous and need to be dealt with very quickly. One call to Yarra District Plumbing on 0435 171 262 and a team of highly trained experts will be dispatched to your location as quickly as possible.

Gas leaks are scary, but the good news is we deal with them all the time, and will be happy to stay on the phone with you while our team heads to your location, offering not only advice about what you should be doing to avoid immediate danger but also to help you stay calm and collected.

Gas Leak Detection in Eastern Suburbs

When it comes to gas leaks the damage needs to be repaired quickly and efficiently and the leak stopped as fast as possible. But before all that can happen the source of the leak has to be tracked down, which is where gas leak detection specialists – like the team at Yarra District Plumbing – come in.

During a gas leak detection test our highly trained professionals make use of special tools and instruments that can not only track down small leaks in the more obvious places, but hidden leaks that may not have quite made their way to your nose yet. Once they have done this the crucial repair work can begin.

Even a very small gas leak can be a BIG problem, so even if you are not sure you have one – but can’t shake that funny gas smell from your nose – give us a call, our gas leak detection specialists will help you figure it out.

Our Specialties

Gas Fitting

Yarra District Plumbing employees are all professional, licensed and highly trained and experienced gas plumbers and fitters. We keep our service vehicles fully equipped with majority of the supplies needed to execute many gas fitting jobs on the spot, speeding up the process and helping to ensure the job at hand is done quickly and to the highest possible standards.

Gas Heating

It can get very chilly in the Eastern Suburbs area when the winter arrives. Gas heating is an excellent and efficient way to keep your whole home – or office – warm and toasty all season long. When it is properly installed and maintained – which Yarra District Plumbing can ensure it is – gas heating can be one of the most economical and efficient way to heat all kinds of spaces.

Gas Hot Water

Gas powered hot water systems remain a popular choice for many Eastern Suburbs area homeowners, and for lots of good reasons. A gas hot water heater is often more economical than other options and provides a more continuous flow of the hot water you need, as it is not affected by peak issues or power cuts, the way an electric hot water heater often is.
A has hot water heater is only useful if it is properly installed and maintained however, and to ensure that you have to turn to the professionals for help. At Yarra District Plumbing we have extensive experience installing and maintaining gas hot water heaters of all shapes and sizes, and we can even help you make the right buying choice if you will be having a new system installed.

Gas Ovens

There are some very good reasons that professional chefs and culinary experts prefer to cook with gas. Gas cooks more evenly, allows for greater cooking versatility and is usually more economical in the long run too.

Yarra District Plumbing are the local gas oven installation specialists to turn to if you are considering making the move to gas cooking or upgrading the gas cooker you have. We’ll help you choose the right model to suit your needs and ensure it is safely installed so that you can start upping your game in the kitchen – and saving money on your energy bills – with ease.

Have an emergency?

Get in touch with us and we’ll work out a diagnosis and solution to match your needs.

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