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What to do if you’d like to renovate your bathroom?


Bathroom renovations are second only to kitchen renovations in popularity, and for good reason, as these are home improvements that, when properly executed, can literally change you and your family’s life. Plumbing obviously plays a huge part in any bathroom renovation, and increasingly so does gas. If you are planning a bathroom renovation for your home in the Eastern Suburbs area, and want the job done right, and at a very competitive rate, then Yarra District Plumbing are the company to call.

When we undertake a bathroom renovation of any kind, and of any size, you benefit not only from our team’s technical installation prowess but also from their long experience of working with a wide range of fixtures and fittings, allowing them to offer guidance where needed to help you make the right purchasing choices.

Bathroom Renovations
How It Works:

A first consultation for any bathroom renovation takes place in a customer’s home. This allows us to see exactly what we will be working with and to discuss your bathroom renovation plans with you in person. We can then give you a quote that is fair and accurate, something that just can’t be achieved via a phone consultation. Our quote will cover all costs, right down to the removal and safe disposal of old fixtures and fittings, so that you know exactly how much of your overall bathroom renovation budget will need to be allocated to our part of the job.

Modern bathrooms are getting more and efficient, but also increasingly luxurious. Many are more like mini-spas than the utilitarian bathrooms of the past. We are very experienced in working with the kinds of fixtures and fittings required to create these special sanctuaries and in working with other tradesmen, architects and designers to create just the bathroom space you’re hoping to.


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