Burst Pipes Eastern Suburbs

What to do if you have a burst pipe?


A burst water pipe can be every home or business owner’s worst nightmare. Prompt action can minimize the potential damage though, possibly saving you thousands in water damage remediation costs.

If you have a burst pipe time is of the essence and the good news for Eastern Suburbs residents is that thanks to the emergency 24/7 emergency plumbing service offered by Yarra District Plumbing one of our highly trained – and very sympathetic – plumbers can be at your location fast, ready to do what’s needed to fix the problem and minimize potentially very expensive damage (not to mention huge water bills.)

Sadly, many of the burst pipe emergencies we work on could have been prevented. A burst pipe has often been leaking for some time and it finally has been worn so thin it bursts. Or a blockage has quietly been building up that finally ‘explodes’.

This is why our advice, for many years, has been to never ignore plumbing problems, however small they may seem. That slow flushing toilet? It may indicate that growing blockage that, one day, will become a big problem. That funny dripping sound in the wall? That may be a pipe leaking slowly that will one day shatter and send water shooting into the air.

At the first sign of any of these issues give Yarra District Plumbing a call. We work fast, our pricing is clear and very reasonable and the investment in fixing a small problem before it can become a big one is one of the best you can make in terms of day to day property maintenance.

Signs of leaking pipes that should never be ignored include:

Noisy pipes

Rising water bills

Banging pipes

New damp patches under sinks or vanities

Loss of water pressure

Odd damp patches on walls, ceilings or in cupboards

If you notice any of things give Yarra District Plumbing a call right away. Your wallet – and your home will thank you.

Experienced and Reliable Plumbers Eastern Suburbs

We may be a small business but that does not mean our plumbers are not trained to the highest possible standards and are fully up to date with the latest in plumbing techniques, trends and technologies. They are highly experienced in working with a wide variety of plumbing jobs and plumbing systems and you’ll never find them making use of techniques that are outdated or ill-advised.

In addition, all our plumbers are fully licensed, so you can be sure that your home or business plumbing will be in the best possible hands.

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