Leaking/Blocked Toilet Repair Eastern Suburbs

What to do if you have a leaking/blocked toilet?


If you have never had to deal with a leaking or blocked toilet, count yourself lucky. Those who have know that it can be a very unpleasant experience, to say the least. And if the malfunctioning toilet is the only one in the place? Whatever else is going on it becomes an immediate nightmare.

For something we take for granted so often a toilet can be prone to all kinds of problems. From one that won’t stop running to one that won’t fill, or perhaps worst of all one that blocks up and overflows, there are all kinds of plumbing issues that can arise.

Trying a DIY toilet repair is something people do far too often when faced with a problem. Desperate to get things back to normal they Google a YouTube video and try to fix it themselves. Usually with even more disastrous consequences.

The fact is that most plumbing issues related to toilets need to be addressed by a professional and addressed as quickly as possible. In the Lilydale area, that’s where Yarra District Plumbing come in. We can dispatch a plumber quickly to diagnose and rectify almost any toilet problem, from a blockage that can be fixed quickly with the right professional tools and know-how to a cracked, damaged or leaking toilet that needs to be replaced.

Signs of a blocked toilet that should never be ignored include:

Water rising too high in the bowl after the toilet is flushed

Toilet bowl not filling properly after the toilet is flushed

Slow drainage – or no drainage at all

Strange gurgling noises when you flush

Nasty odours

Toilet paper not flushing away properly

Signs of leakage at the toilet’s base



If you notice any of things give Yarra District Plumbing a call right away. Your wallet – and your home will thank you.

Blocked Toilet Plumber Eastern Suburbs

A blocked toilet is annoying, inconvenient and sometime just downright gross, but it is also often a sign of a bigger problem; a blockage or leak somewhere further down the pipe.

For years even experienced plumbers could really only guess where a blockage or leak might be unless they took the whole toilet system apart. These days we can make use of specialised equipment like CCTV drain inspection cameras to diagnose the real problems and make the right fixes, fast. Tech like this helps our already very efficient plumbers do their job faster, more effectively and get a blocked toilet running again with the minimum of fuss – and mess.

Because we know that a blocked toilet – especially in a busy household or workplace – is something that often can’t wait until the morning we offer a 24 hour emergency plumbing repair service that will see one of our experienced, courteous plumbers dispatched to your location fast, so that minor toilet problems don’t become major disasters!

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